Our Culture/Jobs

Project Management

Effective management is key to successful execution of a project. Our team of project managers have decades of experience in budgeting, hardware procurement, project scheduling, and shipment/delivery. Whether our partnership is as a liaison or a single point of contact for all your vendors, we can relieve your time-consuming tasks to allow you to focus on the broader aspects of the project.

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Often overlooked until it becomes an obstacle in closing a project, manuals represent the link between installation and maintenance. End users rely on the information for future troubleshooting and material replacement/repair. However, too often the information is too vague, out of date, or even incorrect.
We provide well formatted, easy to read, and accurate manuals. Using material cut sheets, product photographs, and product manuals, we generate hardcopy and/or electronic manuals to fit your needs.

Procurement Services

We work with the best industrial automation manufacturers which gives us the ability to provide multiple resources for pricing, availability, and delivery requirements. Because the procurement team at Custom Control is in constant contact with these vendors, we often have avenues available that are not easily accessible to other companies.
Whether it’s a local distributor to meet contractual obligations or an international supply company, we have the experience and ability to get the equipment you need, when you need it, and at the best possible price.

Scheduling & Expediting

Timing is everything when it comes to successful project planning and execution. We will provide you with a clear project schedule to integrate into your master schedule. Using our experience and proven methods, your project will process on an optimal timeline and arrive at the site on time.
Even when material is readily available, material management including scheduling and expediting can tie-up your internal resources. When material becomes complicated by shipping, production, and lead-time delays, our team is here to expedite and offer alternate sourcing to eliminate losses.

Panel Assembly

Our fabrication facility allows us to assemble, test, and ship your projects from a central location. Our project managers work directly with our shop supervisors to ensure your project proceeds on schedule. Any modifications to your equipment are implemented immediately and accurately because of this close relationship. The fabrication teams are made up of shop supervisors and assembly technicians who have over a century of combined experience. From modifying existing systems to building them from scratch, our teams will deliver the product you demand.

Control Panels

Control panel design and fabrication has been central to our success as a single-source control system integrator. When we started in 1977, much of the equipment that we supplied was in the form of ‘bench board’ consoles, which required significant custom design and electrical/pneumatic fabrication time across large enclosures.
Today, our control panels are significantly smaller, and PLC/HMI processors allow for changes to be easily implemented, whether that be in design, fabrication, or the field. Our experienced team of fabricators take pride in the work that they do – our panels are sturdy, the wiring is neat, and labels indicate every termination and component. Prior to shipment, our team tests all components of your panel to ensure that any mistakes in design or fabrication are corrected before you receive the equipment.
  • Power Equipment Centers/E-Houses/Power Distribution Centers
  • UPS Systems
  • Solar MET Stations
  • Network Enclosures
  • Switchracks
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) – remote & local


Hardware is an important foundation to creating an operating facility, but without the right programming, the system is in jeopardy. Custom Control’s programmers specialize in most major software packages and are experienced in integrating with OEM & legacy equipment. We have programmed systems by working from sequence of operations, flowcharts, drawings, or even verbal descriptions. When it comes to commissioning, we work to have the programmer who implemented the design to commission the system. This saves countless hours since testing is completed methodically, and minor changes are implemented quickly.

PLC Programming

At the heart of the control system is a controller which monitors field devices and executes commands based on process conditions. Custom Control has programmed PLC’s since their mass-market inception. Today, we also program Automation Controllers, which are able to perform functions and communicate in ways which PLC’s often were not able to execute. Our team of programmers are able to implement projects based on traditional PLC languages (ladder logic) as well as advanced languages (function block, structured text, and sequence function charts).

With support from our manufacturer partners, Custom Control’s programmers receive constant training on feature updates and patches to ensure the integrity of your system. We can also provide ongoing support in the form of a remote link or service contact to maintain the operation of your system when upgrades occur or problems arise.
Visit our Projects tab to see some of the many capabilities of our team!

HMI Programming

Human Machine Interface, or HMI, programming is the link between your operators and the control system. Also referred to as graphical programming, it is the portion of your system that will be seen most of the time. Therefore, it’s critical to have a well designed and easy to navigate HMI program. However, it can also be used as a show piece for potential and existing clients and should be designed with that thought in mind. Conforming to your operators’ needs and utilizing the design team’s requirements in one interface package is both an art and a skill that is often approached haphazardly.You can entrust these tasks to Custom Control with a feeling of comfort.
Our graphical design teams have experience in the leading HMI software on the market today including: Invensys Wonderware and System Platform packages, Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk platform, iFix, and Genesis. However, we also have experience in legacy products such as FactoryLink, Rockwell Software’s RSView, and many others.
The vast experience in all these packages allows us to offer services for converting or interfacing between multiple platforms as well. An OEM skid with a prepackaged HMI program that is not your site’s standard could present issues for your maintenance and programming department. Many OEM’s cannot, choose not to, or charge enormous fees to offer brand options on the HMI software. Custom Control can offer this conversion at a reasonable price after OEM installation.
We also have experience in converting HMI programs into information DCS companies can use to replicate those external systems into a plant wide control system. Our project list includes converting skids with RSView, FactoryTalk, and Wonderware HMI applications into Emerson Ovation and Westinghouse DCS systems.

Custom Software/Drivers

When integration requires solutions that can’t be done with the manufacturer’s software package, sometimes custom solutions must be developed. Custom Control can bridge the gap between systems and expensive software offerings for your unique needs

We offer options that allow you to maintain ownership of the source code or the executables, depending on your needs. Written to your specifications, the custom software will be coded, tested, and implemented using your input and feedback throughout the process. Custom software can be written in any of the following languages:

Historians/Remote Access

Access to process data by engineers, managers, and planners is required. Custom Control is experienced in developing process historians with report generation and developing tools to access process data from your intranet or the internet via company accepted remote methods. We can develop custom software/reports using any of the following technologies:

Network Design

The backbone of a control system is the network that it sits on. Network planning is an important step and proper network design is critical to today’s systems. Our network design teams can work with your network administrators to ensure your control system network is optimized and secure. More and more companies are looking to tie their Operational Technology (OT) networks in with their corporate IT networks because it makes management easier, allows data sharing between systems, and allows a corporate wide security plan. We will work with your network administration group through all the steps to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Protocol Conversions

The number of network protocols seems to be growing every day and getting devices to communicate often represents a large obstacle. For most cases, there are devices or software readily available that can be used to do this conversion. Our network design teams are always researching and testing conversion devices to see which ones work best for each situation to maintain security and reliability. In those cases where nothing exists to directly convert the network protocols that are needed, Custom Control can create a custom solution.


Whether you need copper, fiber, or a combination of both for your network, Custom Control has the knowledge. Our network design teams will work with you to choose the best hardware, network topology, and paths for your needs. Distance, security, noise resistance, speed, and bandwidth for your application are all considered during the design phase.
We can specify network, cabling, interface, and termination equipment as well as any media converters that may be necessary. Even when working with legacy or specialized devices that do not support fiber media, we can recommend equipment that will convert formats as required.

NERC Integration

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) enforcement of critical infrastructure protection (CIP) is a vital consideration in a bulk electric power generation facility. While each utility corporation is responsible for ensuring their compliance, it is important to account for those requirements during the design and implementation of any project. Custom Control has worked with many major utility companies in maintaining NERC CIP compliance.
We have retrofitted existing systems to make them conform to the company’s NERC CIP guidelines. Working as consultants on new installations, we have taken the role of liaison between the utility and skid providers to merge all the different systems into a compliant, site wide network. As the balance of plant provider, we have designed OT networks that were ready to be integrated directly into the site wide structure.
In all instances, Custom Control works closely with the utility company’s NERC CIP team to ensure smooth and accurate integration at all levels.

Field Commissioning

Larger projects often require qualified personnel to travel to the site for commissioning. These field commissioning teams must have a thorough understanding of the project design, programming, and devices. Custom Control’s approach to this requirement is to use the same engineers and programmers that have been with the project from its inception as field commissioning personnel when possible. This approach allows us to minimize the commissioning time while providing a seamless commissioning experience for our clients.

Instrumentation Loop Testing

Factory acceptance testing (FAT) eliminates many programming and design errors before the system ever gets to the site. However, field wiring and equipment errors can cause major headaches and delays during a project start-up. The best defense for these issues is to have qualified commissioning personnel who are experienced in troubleshooting both sides.
Custom Control’s commissioning teams have experience not only on the internal wiring of the control system, but also support troubleshooting field devices. This experience allows us to quickly identify the source of the problem so corrective action can be taken.
Even for equipment that Custom Control does not supply, our engineers will work with the field representatives to come to a solution. We never take the approach that our line of responsibility ends at what we provided. Our responsibility is to the customer and the project’s success.

On-Site Training

A control system is only as good as the operators who use it and the maintenance personnel who maintain it. The best choice for training is the people who designed, programmed, and commissioned the system. If that is not available, the next best option is to have a company who has experience in similar systems and industries.
Custom Control offers training to meet both options. We offer on-site training for all personnel who will interact with the control system. The training includes all aspects of the operator interface, controller, network, and field equipment.
system. The training includes all aspects of the operator interface, controller, network, and field equipment. Our training is customized to your needs. We can operate from casual training during commissioning all the way to formal classroom type training. Training materials include manuals, programming stations, and simulation equipment to name a few. Training is always flexible, allowing participants to ask questions to ensure everyone learns in their in their style.

Site Acceptance Testing

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) is defined as the commissioning and acceptance of the entire control system from the integrator to the customer. Custom Control works with our customer and end-users to ensure the delivered system meets everyone’s approval.
Our engineers and programmers travel to the project site and go through the process of proving the functionality of the system. This includes a device-by-device procedure for proper operation and control. It also includes sequencing, alarming, and fine tuning of the entire system. All testing includes both controller programming and graphical interface confirmation.
system. The training includes all aspects of the operator interface, controller, network, and field equipment. Our training is customized to your needs. We can operate from casual training during commissioning all the way to formal classroom type training. Training materials include manuals, programming stations, and simulation equipment to name a few. Training is always flexible, allowing participants to ask questions to ensure everyone learns in their in their style.
We also understand operators have preferences when it comes to the look of the HMI; Custom Control modifies the system as needed to guarantee end-user approval of the system. Since our commissioning teams are our engineers and programmers, modifications are done quickly and accurately.

Control System Support

We at Custom Control stand behind the systems that we furnish for life – we do this because we design and build the highest quality control systems. We will fix an issue with programming, graphics, or a warranty hardware failure at no cost to you; fixes are done as quickly as possible because your systems cannot afford significant downtime. When the time comes for brining components into our control system, process additions, or hardware fails outside of a warranty, we offer service agreements/contracts to ensure that your system is taken care of.

Service Agreements

We understand that your facility is constantly changing with equipment upgrades, process improvements, and retooling. The control system we provide is also being updated with firmware upgrades and patches. Custom Control offers service agreements to maintain and upgrade your control system after we are finished with commissioning. We will support your control system throughout its life because a well-maintained system will lead to a successful hardware or software upgrade.
We can offer various contract structures to suit your needs for a service agreement. We also regularly implement secure remote access terminals to us to support troubleshooting efforts at a moment’s notice.

Software Services

Custom Control’s programmers typically create software packages based on standard logic designs. We also offer software assistance for modifying existing software. After reviewing the current system and discussing the desired modifications, Custom Control can modify controller logic and/or graphics to the customer’s requirements. These services are available regardless of whether Custom Control did the initial programming or not.
Another facet of software assistance involves tying multiple systems together to combine a seamless interface for the operator. By melding multiple stand-alone systems into a common interface, companies can reduce operator training and minimize the human error aspect of control systems.

Why Work For Us?

Our Values
Custom Control is a family owned and operated business. We carry that nurturing and yet demanding theme throughout the organization. It’s a culture of accountability to ourselves, each other and to our customers. Our stated values fall into one of three categories.
“Excellence” We respect our work.
“Teamwork” We respect each other.
“Integrity” We respect our customers.
These values consistently result in effective working relationships with one another leading to long, fulfilling careers.

The controls integration business is perfect for engineers who like challenging work and aren’t afraid of multi-discipline demands. The four principle skill categories are…

  • Designing – Control panel design, power distribution, conceptual process design, project management.
  • Programming – Software development, programming of PLC & HMI, device communication and protocol conversion.
  • Technical Services – Electrical testing, process field commissioning, CAD, equipment maintenance & troubleshooting.
  • Production – Control panel assembly, equipment wiring & interconnection, equipment labeling, factory acceptance testing.

Our career track seeks to knowledgeably ground everyone in all four categories. It’s a lifetime of education, but it’s what serves our clients the best. If you are one that prefers variety and personal growth, you’re likely to find your passion here.


Our industry is growing. The future of control, communication and automation is booming in a variety of fields with no end in sight. Power generation, distribution, energy control and transportation, production processing, tracking, management reporting. The list goes on. This lays the foundation for a well thought career plan. Be where the action is.

Custom Control Mfr. is growing right along with the industry. As we grow, expanded assignments follow, skill training and promotions exist for the long-term future. Our goal is to continuously create advancement opportunities for all those who seek it.


We are committed to being the best place to work because we care about our people. Here is how we support our employees outside of work:

  • Worker pay is graded to national benchmarks.
  • Generous 401k Match
  • Flexible PTO
  • Employer subsidized health insurance plan. Available dental and vision insurance coverages. 
  • Life, disability & AD&D insurance paid by employer