Equipment Centers

We have over 35 years of experience in the supply of Equipment Centers with supplying integrated power distribution and control equipment. These metal building packages are rugged, reliable, and flexible, which minimizes space requirements during construction and future expansions. They’re also convenient, giving you turnkey solutions that lets you skip the hassle, responsibility, and liability of working with multiple vendors, on-site coordination, and material storage.

They can also save you money. Not only can you decrease expensive on-site construction costs, you may be able to use an accelerated depreciate schedule on our mobile centers as equipment, for a sizable tax savings.

Our team of professionals takes responsibility for the entire job, from the RFQ to delivery at the site. We integrate all the equipment and test the power and control wiring along with other customer specified FAT procedures, giving our customers maximum control while minimizing risk. We coordinate scheduling of material and labor, and correct any issues during the FAT before they become problems in the field.

Coordination of transportation permits and state seals are provided to minimize cost and provide best delivery to site. Drawings and specifications are provided and can be stamped by a Professional Engineer registered in the destination state if required. All equipment manuals and drawings are integrated into a single and complete Operation and Maintenance Manual and are available in hard copy and electronic versions.

Some of the many items that we integrate into our Power Equipment Centers:

Don’t see something that you need? We’d love to talk about your equipment requirements.

What Makes Us Different
Value Engineering – When engineering firms procure gear and equipment for PEC’s, they often lack the time to review the details and optimize an integrated solution. Many issues can be overcome through careful planning.
Most PEC manufacturers prefer to follow supplied prints and data. This approach often negates the “value engineering” of changes that could save space, time, and in the end, money. As we are both the building packager and integrator, we bridge the gap between the two, and work to design the best possible solution.
Relationships – We have relationships with several PEC and gear manufacturers. We feel that we get exceptional pricing, and know how to work with them in order to manage time critical installations.
Management – We MANAGE all aspects of the project. We often hear of the difficulties faced when such projects get to the field, and crucial details have been overlooked prior to shipping. We do our best to mitigate any such issues. We’re also familiar with state certification processes, and the struggles that require extra attention to ensure success in a timely manner.
Results – We have a long track record of success spanning many equipment centers. Our projects are on time and complete, and have a history to prove it.